6th Grade Awards

Sixth grade students are recognized several times during the school year for exhibiting the Pillars of Character Education (Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship) as well as the Viking Values. The qualities that the teachers look for during the selection process are:

1.   Demonstrates a positive attitude to his/her peers.

2.   Has recently done something special for classmates or the school.

3.   Has been exceptionally helpful to someone in need.

4.   Demonstrates a cooperative attitude in the classroom.

5.   Volunteers to be of service to peers, the school, or the community

Students are recognized in a quarterly award ceremony in front of their peers.

7th Grade Awards

Each quarter, seventh grade students are recognized for their accomplishments by their team of teachers.  The teams of teachers discuss students during their meetings and the teachers make selections based upon those group discussions. 

The 7th grade teams will be honoring four students per team who exemplify Viking Values every marking period. This replaces the Quarterly Character Awards given in past years. Each team of teachers voted on students based on the Viking Values. The four values are courage, respect, integrity, and responsibility. Students who win the VIP award display the courage to do the right thing when no one is watching, treat others with respect, demonstrate responsibility, and act with integrity. This award recognizes the actions of the true VIP’s at William Annin. The seventh grade teachers are proud of these students and their accomplishments and recognize their efforts at making our community a better place.

 8th Grade Awards

Eighth-grade team teachers and special-area teachers recognize students as “Student Stars.”  Each team chooses a boy and a girl as well as one boy and one girl for the special-area teachers. The criteria for this recognition are good moral character, evidence of school contributions, concern for others, a cooperative spirit, respect for school and others and a demonstrated sense of responsibility. The awards are given once a month. The recipients' names are announced on the PA system.