Viking Values

Viking Values

Click for instances of our students showing respect
Instances of students showing respect

Click for instances of our students showing responsibility
Instances of students showing responsibility

Click for instances of our students showing integrity
Instances of students showing integrity

Click for instances of our students showing courageInstances of students showing courage

Treating others with courtesy and kindness

Being reliable and dependable

Acting honestly and honorably

Doing what is right, especially when it is easier to do what is wrong

Parent Letter explaining Viking Values

Parents Are Saying...

“Thanks for helping shape their value system in such a positive way.   Thanks for all you do for our children.”

“We are pleased with the way your school reinforces important values.”

“Thank you very much for your kind note.  The Viking Value program sounds like a wonderful program to honor character at Annin.”

“What a nice program to have at William Annin!”

“I think it's so great that the school has an organized way of providing positive reinforcement to the kids.”

“We really appreciate your effort as well as that of the other staff members to acknowledge the students for exhibiting behaviors that will help now and as they go through life.”

“This is a terrific program.  I appreciate you and your staff for taking the time to recognize students in such a way.”

What School Staff Will Do:

What Parents Can Do

History of Viking Values Initiative - including Research Supporting this Approach